“Mountainous Torrent” #3

“Mountainous Torrent” #3


197cm x 197 cm

Acrylic on Canvas




“Mountainous Torrent”

Is an abstract painting that captures the awe-inspiring power and majesty of a waterfall in Sri Lanka’s mountainous terrain. The painting features bold, sweeping brushstrokes in shades of blue, white, and gray, creating a sense of movement and turbulence as the water cascades down the mountainside. The forms are highly stylized and abstract, conveying the essential essence of the waterfall in a way that is both dynamic and contemplative. The overall effect is one of intense energy and vitality, evoking the raw power and beauty of nature in all its glory. “Mountainous Torrent” is a stunning and evocative representation of the natural world, inspiring a sense of wonder and appreciation for the incredible landscape of Sri Lanka.

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